The methods I use include visual recording, visual reflection, and personal visioning.

Visual Recording is also called  graphic recording.

Nir Eyal

When visually recording, I capture a group’s conversation, decision-making or other process live and in real time with images, pictures, words and phrases.


The result is a concrete artifact that helps participants

  • generate ideas
  • focus conversation and attention
  • deepen dialogue
  • clarify and resolve confusion
  • make connections
  • create next action steps

shanghai 2

In a Visual Reflection I interpret major ideas and issues of a conversation.  With a group or individual, I visualize and represent important and recurring themes and metaphors.


Through Visual Reflection

  • Participants may interact with the artifact and help create new meaning
  • Aesthetic and metaphoric content may be emphasized and reworked after the fact
  • The visual product may be enhanced for clarity and visual appeal after the meeting

In Personal Visioning and goal setting, I work with individuals to create a personal vision map including goals, priorities, and intentions.

Personal Visioning Map

  • Is created in collaboration with you in a safe, comfortable setting
  • Reflects a big picture of your most important work, purpose and vision
  • Is drawn live during an interview
  • Creates a map that may include history,  goals and intentions for specific action
  • Clarifies next steps
  • May be revisited over time

Contact me, Patricia Kambitsch, at patricia (at)
799.6750 (Toronto) or 937.919.6389 (US).


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