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 Playthink: Helping You See What You Mean


I work with individuals, meeting facilitators, and presenters to illustrate themes and insights as they emerge, Often the result takes on the form of a conceptual map that invites participation and inspires future actions.

As a graphic recorder, I sketch words, capture themes, and draw images to represent the essential story in a group dialogue as it happens. Using markers on paper, or digitally in my tablet, I record a visual story of your discussions or presentations in real time. These vivid, hand-drawn images create a snapshot of your key concepts, capture threads of your conversation, and create an enduring visual representation of your ideas.

Playthink helps organizations, groups and individuals
generate ideas, clarify visions, and sustain commitments for the greater good.

Contact me at Patricia (at)

In Toronto 416.799.6750
In the US 937.919.6389

Patricia Kambitsch is a member of

National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD)International Forum of Visual Practitioners